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What is KinAesthetics?

The human body is designed for movement, engineered to dance fluidly through the dailiness of life. KinAesthetics draws upon many bodywork philosophies and disciplines to help you discover new ways to bend, to stretch, to walk the earth with ease and grace. All of us, from the physically challenged to the elite athlete, can develop better relationships to our bodies. Benefits of the work include increased joint mobility and comfort, improvement in low back pain and in … Read More >

Do you want to Get Out of Pain and Stay Out of Pain?

We are animals and have evolved in these bodies to move in particular ways for survival. We did not evolve to sit in chairs, cars or the movie theatre. The goal is to move as much and as often as we are meant to -- walking, running, pushing, pulling, lifting, climbing, jumping. It is never too late to reclaim your animal self. Contact Suzy Today>